Atlanta Mobile Coffee Station for Trade Shows and Expos

Looking to engage your customers in a unique way?  Wake them up with our incredible espresso drinks at your next expo!  You can  opt to hire the coffee trike for your trade show booth to offer free coffee to your guests.  If you can keep your audience at your booth for just a little bit longer through our coffee, that can make all the difference in the world.

You can connect with your audience on the showroom floor with a free giveaway such as our espresso and coffee drinks.  Try giving out coupons for a free cup of coffee. This will also attract passers by as they see others engaged with your booth.   Brand the coffee cups with your logo or opt for our printing in the foam.  Give the drinks a catchy title that plays off of your brand name.  There are so many ways that you can keep customers engaged in your booth trough our creative and fun coffee shop on wheels!

We are also available for point of sale purchase to guests attending the trade show.  Please check with the operations management to see about having our mobile coffee trike available to the entire expo floor!