Glorious, glorious coffee beans...

Perfectionists. That's what the people behind Rev Coffee are.

They say, "This isn't our summer job, and it's not just our hobby." Located in the heart of Symrna, these guys take coffee up multiple levels. "Rev Coffee Roasters was born and raised by a community that doesn't settle for "decent" so they never learned the meaning of the word." This coffee is seriously amazing, and we aren't just saying that. That's why we are absolutely psyched to partner with these guys in the pursuit of the perfect cup of coffee. They make incredible coffee, but they are also passionate about the arts, the community, and are eager to help and support local businesses...even when it means holding a yoga class in their parking lot.

    Their coffee is everything it should be and more. It's what you wish your morning cup of joe would taste like. "Brewin' in the 'burbs," they do it right. One sip of their aromatic coffee will throw you right into Sunday morning complete with all of its proverbial copper-tones. We are proud to be working with them and serving up our new dazzlingly delicious "Bean in the Borough Blend" that will be available through our coffee trike.

So we aren't just serving any coffee, we're serving the best coffee in the area...and we refuse to settle for anything less.                          

WE support local

We are entrepreneurs and strong advocates for local businesses. 

Please check out Rev Coffee below and shop around!

Fair Trade & Organic