What are your power requirements?

We require a dedicated 120 V outlet on a separate breaker for each set up (Each machine and cart). Our machines pull up to 15 Amps of power on their own. Distance from the outlet must be under 50’.


How long do you require to set up and break down?

We require 30 minutes to set up and be ready to go once we are in the building. Our Espresso machine requires at least 15 minutes to warm up. (Per set up) We’ve mastered the mobile aspect. Our carts are ready to plug in and go!


When do you need to arrive on site?

We arrive 1 Hour prior to start time to unload and start setting up. Providing set up instructions for load in and room layout before the event will shorten time needed.


What are your drink sizes?

Our sizes range from 8-16 Oz drinks.

Our drink sizes depend on your group size. We are masters of logistics and we want to serve everyone effectively.


What is your basic menu?

Our Basic Espresso Menu includes all espresso based drinks, like Espresso Shots, Americanos, Lattes and Cappuccinos. We also provide Mochas and Vanilla and Caramel Flavors. Available both in Regular and Decaf options. We feel like this menu caters to all palates of your group without holding up the lines. Menus are printed and provided to your guests as they order.


Do you offer non-coffee options?

Yes. We offer teas, tea lattes, chai lattes, hot chocolate and apple cider, in Hot and Iced options.


Do you offer food?

Yes.  Consider us your coffee and breakfast caterer!  We have an assortment of muffins, scones, bagels, desserts and more.  Ask us for our savory and sweet bites menu!


What options do I have for customizing my package?

There are so many options to choose from! From getting a full color logo, monogram or picture printed on the foam of your guests’ drinks, coffee sleeves and coffee frag packs, to customized signature drinks, menus, and even our carts - you can change the umbrella and add your own banner to our carts.


I don’t want to use the trike or a cart. Will you set up on a table?

Yes. We will gladly set up on anything as long as a table and linen is provided. Please note that set up time will be longer if our carts are not used.


What staff will be available for my event, per station?

We provide two baristas for your event that are professionally trained to handle your guests’ needs, flow of traffic and assist in event management.


Do you require electricity?

Yes.  We just need a normal 110 outlet and we're good to go.  This allows us to roll in to your venue or meeting space and serve coffee inside.  Down the road, we may be adding generators, coffee trucks, coffee boats, coffee on camel .... and all that our imagination can ... imagine.  Stay tuned!


What coffee do you use?

We proudly serve our own Bean in the Borough Blend that is locally-roasted, every week by Rev Coffee Roasters in Smyrna, GA. This ensures that your get the freshest brew for your event!


Where can I taste the coffee or buy some for myself?

Visit our kiosk at the Cobb Galleria!  We have our full espresso menu, baked goods, and iced options available for purchase.  Hours may vary so give us a call before you head over.  


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Visit us inside the Center Court at the Cobb Galleria! Galleria Specialty Mall, 1 Galleria Pkwy, Kiosk #2, Atlanta, GA 30339