Atlanta Nitro Coffee Service

Hosting an event for coffee lovers?  Nitro Coffee is the newest and biggest craze!  We can supply kegs of nitro boosted coffee for your tasting enjoyment for groups large and small.

Infusing a drink with nitrogen is actually something that began in the beer industry. Nitro beers are rich and frothy with tiny bubbles.  Think Guinness! 

Nitro coffee is not a new concept. It’s coffee that has been infused with nitrogen gas.  Some say it has a creamy texture because of the foam and it brings out the coffee's natural sweetness.  A nitro coffee poured glass looks like a creamy bubbly "coffee beer"....sorta!

Whatever it is, it tastes amazing and we got the goods so give us a call to book our Trike and add-on some Nitro Coffee for your Atlanta Area Event!