We hope that you had a wonderful Holiday Season and we wanted to thank you for making our 2016 as wonderful as it we hoped it would be.

We couldn't have done it without each and every one of you all!

We hope you will enjoy reading our first Newsletter.

We welcomed 2017 in London, where Bean in the Borough's conception started.
Upon our walk to our hotel, we were welcomed, right outside of the Devonshire Club, by one of the trucks that was one of the inspirations for Bean in the Borough. We knew then that we had been destined to ring in the New Year with high aspirations!

As we return to Atlanta in 2017, we are ecstatic to announce the anticipated opening of our new, and completely mobile, coffee kiosk at Cobb Galleria Specialty Shops!

We are excited to start a new chapter at our new home base and continue to provide amazing espresso drinks at the formerly known "Espresso Bar". It's history at the Galleria is long known and cherished by the Cobb Galleria Family and in and out of town guests who attend the numerous expos and events that take place here.

Bean in the Borough will continue to provide Mobile Espresso catering services all around the Atlanta neighborhoods, and we hope that you will now come and hang out with us over a cup of coffee or tea at the Cobb Galleria in our lounge.

We can't wait to see you!

Stay tuned for our Grand Opening announcement coming soon!

There will be multiple items to enjoy at our new kiosk, like scones, pastries, doughnuts, teas and other refreshments like our famous, signature Coffee Lemonade. Be on the look out for new, interesting drinks coming soon!

We hope that you all had a wonderful 2016.

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