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We are an Espresso and Coffee Cart Rental service for weddings, corporate and special events in Atlanta!

The mission is simple: create conversation over a great cup of coffee.

Something's brewing...

It all began on the overcast streets of the North Line - on our trip to London in November of 2015. We entered upon new inspiration from a local tuk-tuk serving coffee outside of the train station and couldn't resist the temptation. The coffee was fantastic, and we couldn't help but keep talking about this awesome coffee concept. During the trip, we visited an open-air market called "Borough Market." Here, people from all over London (and the world) come to share, converse, and do business. We wanted to find a fresh way of combining the idea of the coffee tuk-tuk and the spirit of community, sharing and conversation that we experienced on our trip and bring it home to our own neighborhood.

When we got back and shared our adventures with our friends, we were immediately inspired to jump on board. Lifelong lovers of coffee, we decided that it was time to invest in our dream of owning a coffee company.

 Thus, "Bean in the Borough" was born. Atlanta's only mobile espresso/coffee trike for special events and gatherings..



After "Bean in the Borough" was born, we decided to partner with "Rev Coffee Roasters" in Smyrna for some fantastic brew. Rev is locally owned and raises the bar on perfectly roasted beans. We are ecstatic that they have created a custom coffee blend that is exclusive to "Bean in the Borough" and we're beyond stoked that they share our vision. The new "Bean in the Borough Blend" is playfully available through our coffee trike that will be brewing in neighborhoods all over the ever growing Atlanta area and beyond. Our unique coffee trike and carts will themselves be a piece that is sure to stir up conversation



With our deep passion for coffee and community awareness, we are super excited to share this new venture that will further enliven up your neighborhood's coffee culture!


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